About Us

How it began

Over the years many residents of Bourne have longed for a better play park facility for our children at the Wellhead field and archive records show that this has been considered by Bourne Town Council in previous years. However, nothing has progressed past discussions about it...until now!

It all started on 28th March 2014 when an article was issued by the Stamford Mercury on the disrepair and safety concerns of the Wellhead Play Park, which featured two of our trustees, Claire Carter and Paula Brett.

In response to the poor state of the park an e-petition was set up on 3rd April 2014 by another of our trustees, Anna Rogers, which ran from 03/04/2014 to 15/05/2014.

"We the undersigned petition the council to update and add new play equipment to the play area at the Wellhead Park in Bourne and to install safety flooring that can be used in all weathers. The play equipment at the Wellhead park is old and broken and the ground is boggy in the winter. The fence around the site is broken in a number of places. The play area needs investment so that families can enjoy the park again. Bourne is a thriving town with lots of young families - we should have a better play area to enjoy."

We then progressed from there to form the charity Bourne2Play.

The People Behind Bourne2Play

The charity is run by 4 trustees all working voluntarily and give their time
wfreely to support this project.

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Anna Rogers

charity, wellhead, play, park, bourne

Paula Brett

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Lisa Copestake

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Claire Carter

The Ultimate Goal

We are working with the council, local businesses and charities as well as the community to make appropriate changes to the Wellhead play park that provides a wide range of play as well as being safe, welcoming, clean, environmentally friendly and a place that local people can be proud of. The aim is to ensure that the play park is a fun place for the whole family to enjoy with other families and so helps encourage social interaction. The space needs to be of high quality to attract children and families and become a valued part of the local environment.

The Park In Pictures

Problems raised in Spring 2014