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In December 2015, the lease on the park was fully completed meaning that once the funds have been raised the park can be replaced. SKDC (South Kesteven District Council) will continue to lease the land from BUC (Bourne United Charities) and maintain the equipment.

In December 2015, Bourne2Play became a registered charity!

Petition results

The petition to improve the Wellhead play area was submitted in June with 1,388 signatories in total. This meant that the petition was put in front of Head of Property Development, Neil Cucksey of SKDC, who is responsible for the section 106 money that could make a big difference to our park. The Bourne2Play team also met with local MP Nick Boles and he has written to Neil Cucksey in support of a new park.


"It has been an absolute pleasure to have been invited to support the efforts of Bourne2Play. A group of Mum's who I would describe as 'Ordinary Ladies doing an Extraordinary Thing' in their goal to improve the play area on the Well Head. We will continue to support them and would strongly recommend others to do so".

Richard Ludlow, Chairman, Bourne & District Round Table

"Encouraging children to play outside is important for the future health and happiness of the nation. The work that Bourne2Play is doing to improve play facilities for families in Bourne goes to show what can be achieved when like minded people come together to make a difference. I hope that enough money is raised to create the fun and inclusive park that they have in mind.".

MP Nick Boles, Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise

Social Networking

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We have received very positive feedback through social media and when we posed the question 'what would you like to see in the park', please click the link below to see the response we got...

Social Media - feedback on the future of the park

And here is a taster of the type of feedback we have been receiving...

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